Artist Statement

I like to think of my pottery as a bond to the earth in its purest form. It continues to mimic the earth even after it has been extracted and manipulated.  Respect for the earth is something that I strive to embrace throughout the entire process of making pots and which I honor through the designs that are carved into the forms.

The connection to the material as well as the connection to the purpose of the material are equally  important. I make pottery with the intention of seeing it in use. For me, creating is a means to an authentic life. I create because it seems the most natural way for me to support myself and spend my days. The fact that my work is utilitarian only strengthens my desire to make this craft my life's work.

The designs that go on my pieces are all taken directly from nature; things I observe and then recreate through line. Many of my drawings are inspired from fungi and mushrooms that I spot on my walks through the woods of southwest Virginia. I enjoy the idea of beautifying something that so often is seen as ugly. Carving these designs makes me feel as if I'm the excavator discovering the beautiful patterns underneath the smooth surface of the pot.

I hope that my pots bring the beauty and comfort of nature to everyone that uses them.


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