Simply Grateful

I'll start this second entry off by just saying how grateful I am for EVERYTHING right now. The apprenticeship has been going  perfectly. It's been two months working in the new studio and I have already learned so much from Silvie as well as many of the other potters and wonderful people in town. Floyd is beautiful and the perfect community for me to grow as an artist.  The amount of talent in this little town is simply amazing. I am so very fortunate for having ended up in this spot; geographically, emotionally, and career-wise. 


  The apprentice kiln was completed in the beginning of October by Master Kiln Builders. I got to help out with it which was great because now I have a better understanding of some of what goes into kiln construction. I was able to fire it for the first time last Monday. It was such a smooth firing. A little more reduced than I would like, but it's all a lesson. I'll be posting images shortly of some of the work that has come out!  

And now on to making more........