The Start

Here I am, attempting to start a blog about my life as a potter. This blog is intended to keep everyone up to date and keep me on my feet about what needs to be happening in my life. 


I'm happy to say that after a month of vacation at home in PA, I am back in Virginia and ready to start the next stage of my pottery life. I got to Floyd on Monday the 5th and have been thoroughly enjoying my first few days in this gorgeous town. I will begin working with Silvie Granatelli hopefully at the start of September. All of this depends on the construction of the new studio!! Lucky me.... I get to be the first apprentice to try it out. Yesterday I met up with Silvie and had a perfect conversation about everything ceramics and pottery related. Just livin the dream.


I just got a new idea for some new carvings to put on my pots. I walked out the door of my parent's house and saw this in the garden:


What kind of fungus is this?? I don't know but it sure is beautiful! Watch out for the new pots that will be coming around in the next couple months!